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Fernando Ott

Senior Software Engineer @ MadeLabs

After two months of registering on several international job platforms and several frustrated linkedin applications, it was choma.dev who got my first job abroad! I wish I had met them sooner. The personalized treatment that is given makes all the difference. I stopped feeling like I was just a number in the vacancies to feel that I had a real chance of being hired with the preparation given and by participating in selections that I really have fit. It gave me a lot more confidence.

Thiago Pereira

Senior Software Engineer @ MadeLabs

My experience has been fantastic! I got involved in interesting projects, with magnificent people. I put English into practice, and with that I learned a lot. Furthermore, it's been really cool to show that Brazilians know how to write good code :) The most incredible thing is that all of this came with a salary in dollars, which needs no comment.